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The world is drowning in the darkness of the apocalypse.

Taxir sees hope in the eyes of a demon. Can he tame the beast and convince Diajik to save their world?

Or will he fail the most important seduction of his life and doom their world?

STEAMY M/M Seduction Dark Fantasy Short Story - Prequel to the Fading Lights Trilogy

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Not even a demon can hide from the apocalypse.

All Diajik wants is peace in a world as dead and blackened as his soul. So what if endless darkness threatens to devour his world? That is none of his concern. Famous as the world's most beautiful example of elven-kind, few know that is his truly a millennium-old demon who feeds on emotions. He rules as Lord of the Kwaihir, the most powerful man in a world where all men are slaves. Entire Houses are built and destroyed by his wealth and power. Whoever owns him owns the world.

When the darkness takes everything that he has worked for, Diajik’s plans for the future are shattered. But the darkness should have known better than to cross a demon. Now all he has left are the nightmares of young men who possess the same forbidden world-magic as he does. Only they have the power to save his dying world. They are in danger, and he has the power to save them.

Will the promise of vengeance give him the strength to avert the death of his world?

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Purple Glow

Bound by Song. Cursed by Fate.

Ruyne, Leader of the Dusksinger bards, travels with his band from town to town, thrilling crowds with inspiring music born from ancient magic. He leads a charmed life with his brother, and two life-long best friends.

Disaster strikes when Ruyne ignores a cryptic message from a loved one. The band's idyllic peace is shattered by a monster from the past, and the horrifying truth about their magic is revealed, leaving their lives in tatters and the hearts of the four men forever scarred. Scattered and broken, can they harmonize their Song in time to prevent a tragedy of apocalyptic proportions?

Cursed Song is a Dark Fantasy/Apocalyptic Horror novel with adult horror themes (gore, violence, monsters, death). It has four LGBTQ main characters and some steam. 

Cursed Song is available WIDE at most book retailers. Click Buy Now to look for your favorite one. Paperback and Ebook are available. 

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With loving memory, Dan Pereira (April 2020), John Kroese ( October 2020), Eileen Grace Kroese (March 2021)