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Samantha Kroese

Shining Light into the darkness

Short Bio

Samantha Kroese is a best-selling author with 8 published books. Her past inspires her to write books that have love and hope hidden within the darkness of the abyss.

She is also an avid supporter of animal rescue.

Long Bio:

Samantha Kroese is the author of published Dark Fantasy novels including the best-selling Fading Lights Trilogy (Forbidden, Unspoken, Taboo). She has also written the Assassins of Dakaal series (Regret, Ladykiller, and Niyx) and the villain POV novels Restless Dreams of Darkness and The Darkest Sword. She loves to write dark tales about hope surviving against impossible odds and brings a refreshing perspective to the genre. From a young age, her goal has been to write stories that will shine the light of hope for those living in the abyss. She has been writing fiction for nearly thirty years, ran a fantasy writer's critique circle for fifteen years, and has edited works for other authors. She has completed writing dozens of fantasy novels and created thousands of detailed characters. She hopes to be able to present most of them to her reading public in due course.

Samantha is also an avid life-long gamer who enjoys story-driven role-playing video games. A big fan of comic books and superheroes, she enjoys exploring tales of characters who are larger than life and the ordinary people who interact with them. In addition to writing, she is an avid horse lover and an animal rescue advocate, often speaking out for horse rescue and feral cat causes. She writes from the frozen tundra of Minnesota where she lives with her Arabian stallion, that she is convinced is really a unicorn, and her army of delightful rescued cat minions.

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