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These are works by other authors (not Samantha Kroese). 

Advertising spots were offered as part of the #indieapril celebration to authors who showed an effort to support others or charity during this event. By listing them on this page I am not personally endorsing or recommending them. I am just offering them a space to advertise for their generosity. I have nothing to do with the production, sales, or copyright of these books. Please contact the authors for any questions or comments. ALL information provided by the authors and they are responsible for it.

Please consider showing your support of these generous authors by checking out their work and buying it if it's something that interests you.

Clickable links to where to buy the books are listed underneath the description (just click on BUY ME). 

These books are listed with the written permission of the author to be listed here. DO NOT reproduce this information for any reason from this website without contacting the actual copyright holder for permission.

Contemporary Fiction

Somebody's Watching You by Robin D'Amato


A creepy cult grabs hold of a forty-something married couple in this tantalizing tale of unease. Set in a community unaware of danger in its tree-lined blocks, the absurd tactics of the cult frame this otherwise simple love story with both dread and humor.


Crazy In Love: The Hunt Begins by Avionne Celestin

hunt 1 cover.jpg

The sizzling attraction between these two broken petals blossoms into a dark and obsessive love that will not allow anything or anyone to stand in its way. But things take a deadly turn when that love is unexpectedly threatened.

Erotic Romantic Suspense


Dream Rovers - Price of Deliverance by Christie Valentine Powell


Three exiles struggle to defend their new family. Their dream-traveling abilities make them the brunt of persecution.  

Assault On Devil's Den by Eric Balch

Front cover.png

Aging hero Pelagius has begun to question his abilities and contemplates hanging up the sword.  When the village he is resting in is attacked by the mysterious Green-Eyed Man, who steals the inhabitants' souls, Pelagius sets out on a quest to vanquish the Green-Eyed Man's soul-devouring master.

Prince Ewald The Brave by Dylan Madeley

Prince Ewald the Brave - Dylan Madeley -

Can one who draws the line and conducts a plan with honour defeat one whose rage, selfishness, and deceit know no bounds?

Can Prince Ewald stop his father?

Dragonbirth by Raina Nightingale


In a world where dragons are hated and feared, Silmavalien's life is changed forever when she meets the dragon hatchling, Minth. Once devout, she discovers that all her beliefs were lies, and finds a love she could never have dreamed.

Road Kill Girl by Nicole Herbert


How can one decision made by an eighteen year old change the course of history, and what exactly does it have to do with a dead cat?

Young Adult Low Fantasy

Breaker by Amy Campbell

thumbnail (1).jpg

Cursed with dangerous magic, he would rather be a baker, but instead is a Breaker. Will he control his magic, or end up broken?

Inner Demons III by Teresa Edmond-Sargeant


“Inner Demons” is a small collection of dark fantasy short stories. Each tale depicts an element that seems to be part of an everyday, normal occurrence, but really takes on a new, more wicked form.

The Evening Lands - A Question for the West - by C.L. Spillard


"She defied her guardian Devil. Now he's out for revenge..."

Dead Heads by Ross Young


The Grim Reaper has lost his head and the afterlife is in trouble. In good news Detective Blunt has just been murdered... he's not happy about it. Welcome to the afterlife. Who said anything about resting in peace?

Dark Fantasy Comedy

Hunters by Jon Ford

Hunters Thumbnail.jpg
  • The first book in a globetrotting saga with action, adventure, mystery, romance and political intrigue. In a near future world where Vampyrii, Werewolf, Human and Fae coexist, the uneasy peace is threatened by an enigmatic manipulator.

Everlasting by Christy Kimmerly

image0 (1).jpeg

Three stories of childhood and loss; three stories of new beginnings. A mixed genre short story collection featuring a fairytale fantasy mashup, a chance meeting at a park, and a story told from the perspective of the ballerina on a child’s music box.

Wolf Hunter Inquisition: The Freeing of Chiropteran by Miller Thomas 


Detective Danny Roberts finds himself enslaved to an enigmatic vampire calling herself Mistress. A member of an organization called the Shepherds, Mistress uses Danny's innate abilities to uncover a plot that threatens to destabilize the long-standing peace between human and vampire kind.

Hunted by A.J. Calvin


Chandra Grey had walked through life believing that she was ordinary, until a chance meeting with a man calling himself a summoner opened her eyes to another world of possibilities. The allure of the summoner’s power cannot be resisted, and Chandra finds herself drawn into the conflict, discovering along the way that her twin sister has been recruited by the very organization that seeks to destroy her: the hunters.

Historical Fiction

The Dark Side of Glory by Raven Kamali


Set in ancient Judea and Rome, "The Dark Side of Glory" is a powerful novel of love and friendship, treachery and deceit, hatred and vengeance, and political intrigue.

Trail Makers by Cym Aros


Nevada, 1874. Falsely accused and incarcerated, Jesse and Cole find themselves in a losing battle to survive corrupt and brutal conditions.  Jesse is well acquainted with the Hell they now face, and takes desperate action to ensure Cole's freedom.

Memoir or Biographical

My #1 Fan by Sea Caummisar


My Father's Daughter by Lily Lawson

My Father’s Daughter, a collection of poems ranging from lighthearted to heart-rending. captures Lily Lawson’s thoughtful observations about life and love.


take heed of these moments

and the beauty all around



The Grimy and the Greedy by Meaghan Curley


A woman named Fizzy is refusing to go to her evil grandmother's funeral and a shady bar owner named Affidious has to make her go or else the ghost of a war criminal will attach his mom.

Comedic Paranormal Thriller Horror

My #1 Fan cover.jpg

A blur of fiction and reality. A book dedicated to Marcy, My #1 Fan, and the story of meeting her.

Two hour biography and memoir short reads

71w7BvJ2O7L.SR160,240_BG243,243,243 (1).

Accusing Mr. Darcy by Kelly Miller

AMD Final FC 082920 wobld S.jpg

"Accusing Mr. Darcy," an award-winning "Pride & Prejudice" Regency romance/mystery. Does Mr. Darcy have a dark, sinister secret?

Seduction&Destruction_ebook  small.jpg

Seduction & Destruction by Julia Colbourn

If you're married to a murderer, you'd better plan his demise stealthily. When her brother causes the death of one of the Brady family, well-known south-east London villains, Kate finds her own way to pay the debt.


Ups and Downs: Is it too late for love? by D. B. Carter 


Can she avert disaster without reopening old wounds, or might facing the demons of her memory lead to new beginnings? Is Carol beyond forgiveness or will the flames of romance be fanned, long after her hopes had gone?

Science Fiction

Corporal John Ledge is sent to an island in the middle of the pacific which is meant to be home to dinosaurs. The corporal soon discovers that this place is far from what he was told, and reality is much, much worse.

Science Fiction

Dinosaur Dystopia by James Polusny


No Child of Mine - by Olga Gibbs


There's nothing a government won't do to remain in power. "No Child of Mine" is a story of a father's journey to save his child from a totalitarian regime, who is in order to bury the truth prepared to exterminate an entire generation.

Ascension Of The Phoenix by Jessica Piro


In this action-packed suspenseful thriller, a dedicated detective uses her mastery of a Kung Fu style in a fighting tournament while struggling against a dark side longing for revenge.

Women's Fiction

Keepers by Cheryl Burman

Keepers cover 5x8 v2a very small.jpg

At eight months pregnant, Raine shouldn’t be on a jolting bus crawling through melting snow on a mountain track searching for her husband. He might not want to be found - she might not want to find him.

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