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Books currently available
from Samantha Kroese

Complete Collection

Below is the complete selection of titles by Samantha Kroese, Dark Fantasy Author.

The World of Fading Lights

Fading Lights Prequel

The world is drowning in the darkness of the apocalypse.

Taxir sees hope in the eyes of a demon. Can he tame the beast and convince Diajik to save their world?

Or will he fail the most important seduction of his life and doom their world?

STEAMY M/M Seduction Dark Fantasy Short Story - Prequel to the Fading Lights Trilogy


Book One
Fading Lights Trilogy

Not even a demon can hide from the apocalypse.


All Diajik wants is peace in a world as dead and blackened as his soul.  So what if endless darkness threatens to devour his world?  That is none of his concern.  Famous as the world's most beautiful example of elven-kind, few know that is his truly a millennium-old demon who feeds on emotions.  He rules as Lord of the Kwaihir, the most powerful man in a world where all men are slaves.  Entire Houses are built and destroyed by his wealth and power.  Whoever owns him owns the world. 


When the darkness takes everything that he has worked for, Diajik’s plans for the future are shattered.  But the darkness should have known better than to cross a demon. Now all he has left are the nightmares of young men who possess the same forbidden world-magic as he does.  Only they have the power to save his dying world.  They are in danger, and he has the power to save them.


Will the promise of vengeance give him the strength to avert the death of his world?

Dark Fantasy 

(may contain disturbing themes)


new cover by the amazing EerilyFair Designs:


Book Two 
Fading Lights Trilogy

Beauty is power in the barren wasteland of an apocalypse.


None is more beautiful than the young half-elf known as Bram.  He loves shiny things and his glorious savior, Diajik.  Together they live the decadent life of Kwaihir, pleasure slaves, the most valuable class of men.  Bram thought he had left his dark past and the apocalypse behind him for this new world of wealth and beauty that dazzles him.


Bram finds that he cannot hide his destiny under glamour and glitz anymore than he can hide his forbidden love for Diajik.  The demons from Bram’s past are not impressed with glitter or gems.  They know he is key to stopping the apocalypse and they will stop at nothing to destroy Bram and his terrifying magic.


When the darkness comes for them, will Bram be able to stall the apocalypse and save those he loves?

Dark Fantasy 

(may contain disturbing themes)

New cover design by the amazing EerilyFair Designs:


Book Three  
Fading Lights Trilogy


Durriken is meant to save the world. His god wants him to destroy it.

Durriken grew up with hard labor, starvation, and a zealot’s belief in the harsh but benevolent god Isfeth. Then he finds himself in a horrible predicament. His jealous half-sister has sold him into the most profane slavery imaginable: the pleasure slave class known as Kwaihir. Worse yet, the infamous Lord of the Kwaihir, Diajik, now owns Durriken.

His zealous mother raised him to believe Diajik is a demon and the sworn enemy of Durriken’s god Isfeth; it horrifies Durriken to find out she was right on both counts. The crazy demon also seems to think Durriken was born the chosen savior of the world and will be the one to help Diajik destroy Isfeth

Will Durriken sort out the truth from the lies in time to save his world from utter destruction?

Dark Fantasy 

(READER BEWARE: Many triggers are contained in this book. 

It is not for the faint of heart, expect DARK horror themes.)

New cover design by the amazing EerilyFair Designs:


Assassins of Dakaal Series


Assassins of Dakaal
Book 1

What would you do for the only person in the world that you loved?

Can two young Elven nobles escape abuse, pirates, and assassins to win their freedom? 

Warning: Abuse

Male/Male relationship

Dark Fantasy 

(may contain disturbing themes)


Assassins of Dakaal
Book 2

The young half-Elf known as Ladykiller leads dual lives.


As Ladykiller: he is a renowned assassin for The Shadowed Divide, the world’s elite assassin guild. Handsome and gifted with the mysterious magic of the Night Creatures, he is a blood-drinking charmer. Seductive and deadly, he earned the title Ladykiller, with his irresistible nature toward noblewomen and easily killing them for contract.


As Onyx: he is the devout protector of the only person in the world that matters to him, his younger brother Ruel. Ruel daydreams of being a knight and pursuing justice, quite the opposite of what the Divide looks for in an assassin. Onyx does his best to keep his brother close while not letting the dregs of their criminal environment destroy the good in Ruel.


With the Divide under attack, the brothers scatter. They discover that life outside the Divide’s protection is wrought with danger as well.  Will Onyx choose the life he enjoys as Ladykiller, or save his brother from a predator from the past?

Dark Fantasy 

(may contain disturbing themes)

Beautiful cover by Eerilyfair Designs


Assassins of Dakaal

Book 3


The world knows him only as Niyx.


Raised among vampires, ghouls, zombies, and the rest of the undead horde, Niyx earned their respect and the title of Lord of the Dead. For seventeen years he has ruled his reclusive Night Creatures in the dark cursed forests outside of the Elven city of Aderaan.

Centuries ago a hesitant pact was made between the two people; the forest belongs to the Night Creatures and they will live in harmony as long as they Elves stay out.


There are two problems with Elves. They are near immortal and they do not forget. Though the great war between Elves and Night Creatures is centuries in the past the Elves have never forgotten their defeat. They want to reclaim their forest. To them, as long as the Night Creatures exist, they are a threat. The Templar Order of Aderaan has created a zealous new sect of Night Creature Hunters that exist solely to hunt their sworn enemies.


They have never met a Night Creature like Niyx. He is a fearsome monstrous killing machine with the power to control the undead and winter’s magic. When they cross him by destroying his forest home and scattering his people they awaken his wrath. With the help of his twin, Onyx, will he have his vengeance and be able to find a safe place for his fallen people to make a home?

DARK Fantasy (may contain disturbing horror themes)

Beautiful cover by Eerilyfair Designs

Assassins of Dakaal
Book 4

Can faith redeem the demi-god of vengeance?

Sephyrn, a demi-god born to save his world, wields the ancient nature magic of the Elven gods. Betrayed by his beloved, he is consumed by vengeance. Earning the nickname The Butcher of Dakaal, he stalks and tortures the unfaithful. Justice comes for The Butcher when Sephyrn, as penance for his crimes, is tasked with escorting the young demi-goddess through dangerous territory. The headstrong beauty is not what he expected, and their eventful journey sends their entire world into a deadly spiral.

Will the fire of the demi-goddess be enough to guide him back to the path he was born to take, or will Sephyrn’s darkness consume her, too?

DARK Fantasy (may contain disturbing horror themes)

Beautiful cover by Eerilyfair Designs



2nd Revised Edition

Features full professional editing and brand new cover by EerilyFair Designs.

Glaice is the demonic consort of the dark goddess known as The Queen. He enjoys a privileged life and is blind to the horrific conditions his lover enforces on the enslaved males of his kind. Seeing them as traitors and a danger to his status, he hunts down the disobedient Brothers and delivers their hearts to his Queen to fuel her dark magic. Arrogant and unruly, he dances with danger every time he defies his Queen.

When his Queen has enough of his capricious nature, she enacts a dire punishment. The devastating personal loss opens his eyes to the cruelty and unjust nature of his mate. As his eyes are opened, everything he thought was true begins to unravel. He discovers a foul plot and the truth behind his Goddess.  Caught in an ancient war between deities, will Glaice oppose his Queen and save his people?  Or will he doom them all with his thirst for vengeance? 

Restless Dreams of Darkness is a Dark Fantasy novel with mature horror themes told through the eyes of a villain. 


thedarkestsword (1).jpg

Ashiyn was born to cause his world’s apocalypse. Soryn was born
to stop him. They were destined to meet as adults on the battlefield
of their world’s apocalypse. When fate is averted and they instead
meet as children with shared fates the future is no longer black and

The entire world knows Ashiyn’s name and fears it. Stolen as a
child and gifted as a servant to the ruthless king of the world he is
forged into a merciless weapon. He is handsome, seductive, rich,
famous, and powerful. No one can resist him. He leaves death and
devastation in his wake. He will not be satisfied until he gains his
freedom and seizes control of his entire world and he does not care
who he crushes on the way.

When he befriends Soryn he sends their world spiraling into an
apocalypse created by twisted fate.


Destiny refuses to be denied.
One of them must die. A sacrifice must be made to save their

What happens if neither one of them is willing to make that

The Darkest Sword is a Dark Fantasy/Horror book told from the
point of view of the villain.

Dark Fantasy/Horror

Villain Main Character

(May contain disturbing themes.)

Cover by EerilyFair Designs

Standalone novels: 

Release Date: August 20, 2021


Bound by Song. Cursed by Fate.

Ruyne, Leader of the Dusksinger bards, travels with his band from town to town, thrilling crowds with inspiring music born from ancient magic. He leads a charmed life with his brother, and two life-long best friends.

Disaster strikes when Ruyne ignores a cryptic message from a loved one. The band's idyllic peace is shattered by a monster from the past, and the horrifying truth about their magic is revealed, leaving their lives in tatters and the hearts of the four men forever scarred. Scattered and broken, can they harmonize their Song in time to prevent a tragedy of apocalyptic proportions?

Cursed Song is a Dark Fantasy/Apocalyptic Horror novel with adult horror themes (gore, violence, monsters, death). It has four LGBTQ main characters and some steam. 

cursedsong (1).jpg
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