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Indie Author Spotlight - E. A. Barker

Hello everyone, today's indie author spotlight is on E.A. Barker who came to tell us about this very interesting book!

An informative and fun book for those who write books and people who think they might want to. Are you planning to write and publish a book? Do you have a completed manuscript? Have you self-published a book or even a few books? Would you like to write books for additional income or a living? Were you traditionally published by a “small-press” and have found yourself faced with book marketing? There are more myths and legends in the book publishing game than can be found in ancient Greek literature. The $1.99 Author offers a pragmatic look at today’s book publishing options for both budding and previously published authors. Almost every conceivable publishing path is touched upon with the pros and cons of each laid bare. E. A. Barker is a journeyman writer with a knack for drilling to the bottom of the truth-well while managing to serve up even the most disturbing of discoveries with a dash of humour. This helps to make this insider’s view of a truly bizarre industry a little more palatable. The pages are free of sugar-coated empty promises of success. Instead, readers will be made to understand there is a slippery ladder awaiting them, and The 1.99 Author shows us how to climb it safely without: getting ripped off, getting sued, going broke, being laughed at. . . in addition to mitigating some of the gut-wrenching experiences like piracy and plagiarism which most published authors have likely encountered. Best of all, once you understand the game, you will be given a map of the minefield that is today’s book publishing industry so you can avoid the time-consuming low-yield traps . . . allowing you to concentrate your efforts on what really matters . . . writing more and better books. Are you the next one-in-a-million author with a hit book? If you think you might be, picture The $1.99 Author as being a glass-bottomed boat from which you can view the shark-infested waters of the publishing industry before choosing where to dive in. For every one author, there are hundreds of people lined up to fleece them. Whether you simply want to publish your memoir; publish as a hobby; or think you have what it takes to climb the publishing ladder into "The Big Five", The $1.99 Author will save you a great deal of time, money, and heartache in your publishing journey.

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What was your favorite thing about writing this book? The humorous bits. I cracked up quite a few times . . . even during the twenty or so revision reads. What part of this book are you most passionate about? Keeping others from wasting their time and money as I did attempting to learn the ins and outs of what will show a return for the costs and the myriad of things which do not. Which character resonates with you the most and why? Oddly, as The $1.99 Author is predominantly a nonfiction work, there is a short fictional imagining featuring a lawyer character I named after the lawyer who lives next to me. It's true what they say about writers. . . we will put people we know in our books. What do you find is the most difficult thing about being an indie author? Aside from the crazy amount of time and money we are told we must "invest" to have any chance of success, what bothers me most is the lack of credibility assigned to every indie author / self-published author. There is no reasonable way of getting your book onto the shelves of 95% of the bookstores out there. Further, our books are automatically rejected for consideration by all of the "legitimate" prestigious literary awards committees as we don't meet their 'editorial review criteria'. The game is rigged so I wrote a book. It's what I do.


Thanks for dropping in and telling us about your book E.A. Barker!

If you'd like to be featured in a spotlight like this on this blog and you're a self published or independently published author please click THIS LINK for submission guidelines.

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