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Author Spotlight with Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell is an upcoming independently published author. Her first book, Breaker, is Fantasy novel with a Western twist coming out Spring of 2021.

She has a website here with an email mailing list for news.


I asked Amy a few questions to give us an idea about her book and her writing process!

Please give us a brief summary of your book:

Breaker is forthcoming Spring 2021, and readers can join my mailing list at to be the first to hear about the release date and special release pricing! It will be available in eBook and paperback.

Walking Disaster. Ruiner. Spook. Heretic. The reason we can’t have nice things. ​The townspeople in the small town of Bristle have called Blaise every name in the book. Born a Breaker, his unbridled magic breaks everything with a touch. His age-mates are landing apprenticeships, but no one would take on someone who destroys with a single touch. When enemy soldiers storm the town hunting for mages, Blaise must choose: conscription or freedom. ​On the run, a chance encounter with a pegasus sets Blaise on the path to a new life. Despite the machinations of a surly gunslinger, he finds a place to belong in the hardscrabble world of the outlaw mages. But over time, the disasters of his past dog his heels, driving Blaise away from the only people he thought would ever accept him. A persistent enemy puts his newfound friends’ lives in peril, and Blaise must find the resolve to use his devastating magic to break—because if he doesn’t, he’ll be the one who ends up broken.

What was your favorite thing about writing this book? My favorite thing was discovering some new, fun characters I didn't know existed and exploring a world that's not normally seen in fantasy. Breaker's first draft started off as a very Harry Potter-esque wizard school fantasy and morphed into something else entirely. I thought it would be fun to have a world where pegasi wore western saddles and outlaws with magic ruled an untamed land, and those concepts were a lot of fun to play with. What part of this book are you most passionate about? The complex relationships between the characters were a part I became unexpectedly passionate about. I wanted Jack to be a bit of an onion like Shrek in that he has layers--rough and callous on the outside, difficult to relate to until you understand a little more about why he is the way he is, and the friendship he forms with Blaise. Blaise himself is also an enigma, because we have this ace character with anxiety and rock-bottom ideas of his own self-worth who learns that's not all that encompasses who he is over the course of the novel, despite everything thrown at him. Which character resonates with you the most and why? I have to cheat and say both Jack and Blaise. They both have struggles and fears that I can relate to, and I think many people can. Jack doesn't want to be controlled and is ashamed of this terrible secret that he believes will make people think less of him. And Blaise tries to be optimistic, but it's difficult because life hasn't exactly been kind to him. What do you find is the most difficult thing about being an indie author? Since Breaker is my first book, there's a steep learning curve for...everything. It's different from the world of a reader where books seem to appear as if by magic. I have a ton of respect for every book I see sitting on the shelf now! Not only do you have to know the very basics of story, but beyond that you have to delve into marketing and formatting, learning about different publishing avenues. It's a lot.


If you're an independently published or self-published author that would like to have a spotlight on my blog (with these same questions!) please contact me at

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